Akajima, Japan—–Such An Secluded but Cosy Island

Akajima Island

Akijima, often referred to as ‘Aka’, is an islet, part of Okinawa’s Kerama Islands in Japan. In the summer, it becomes popular with Japanese tourists, and less with foreigners who still know little about the island. Even in peak season, Akajima retains its charm with spotless beaches, a couple of surfers, and welcoming locals. Offshore, it is possible to snorkel, dive and kayak in waters rich in tropical sea life. Inland, tourists can visit a Ryukyuan heritage house.

Akajima Island

Aka is one of Okinawa’s Kerama Islands and is well known as one of Okinawa’s most beautiful diving spots. Get ready for hot sun and clear blue ocean waves.

Akajima Island

The small island is located about 15 miles Southwest of Okinawa Island, so you’ll need to take a ferry from Tomari port to get there. Remember to look periodically to port and starboard on your way there and back because you might just see schools of flying fish leaping out of the water.

Akajima Island

After an hour and half ferry ride, you’ve finally made it. The beach is so beautiful, isn’t it? This turquoise blue of the water is called “Kerama blue”.

Akajima Island

The water is so beautifully clear that you can easily see all the action going on under the surface. Dunking your head below is even more stunning and reveals a vast and active underwater world. That brown thing is actually a school of minnow.

Akajima Island

This is the spot where you’ll most likely encounter sea turtles. I did!

It amazing me that so many deer reside on such a small island. That deer is a unique species called a Kerama deer. Believe it or not, this species has the ability to wade into the ocean and swim between the islands.

Other nice nighttime activities include unmatched stargazing opportunities and glowing plankton!
Akajima Island

Time on the island slows down, so sit back and relax in a place that is only feet away from fun and excitement.

Akajima Island Akajima Island

Finding Nemos! There is so much to discover under the shimmering surface.


Fun every time. This is my second time visiting Aka Island and I’d love to go again.
The vast amounts of sea life here is far better than any roller coaster!
A simple place with nothing other than lodgings and beaches. But, I like it better that way.


1.5 hours by ferry from Tomari Port. Don’t forget you also have to get to Tomari Port.