6 Distinctive Culture Hotels In Istria

6 culture hotels in Croatia 04

Istria is the Adriatic’s largest heart-shaped peninsula,famous for its culture,it located in the northwest corner of Croatia . Although the coastal resorts are beloved by sun and sea lovers, the inland is equally charming thanks to the peaceful hilltop villages, the unspoiled landscapes and the delicious cuisine. Since a perfect trip needs a perfect stay, we select some good hotels  for your next visit to the region.

Spreading among vineyards and olive groves, this luxurious Wine Hotel and Restaurant is heaven on Earth. Meneghetti is not only known for its rustic aesthetic mixed with modern amenities and elegant decoration, but for the stunning views it offers. Don’t miss the chance to sample some healthy, exceptional Mediterranean creations and top off your gastronomic experience with a glass of Meneghetti wine.6 culture hotels in Croatia 03
Draga di Lovrana
Set amidst lush hills in the U’ka Nature Park, this hotel overlooks the popular Medveja Beach and the islands of Krk and Cres. Open your window and greet the sea and the mountain before indulging in one of the several amenities like the large Jacuzzi. Draga di Lovrana awaits you in a spectacular location with breathtaking views in all directions for a memorable stay.6 culture hotels in Croatia 04

B&B Nostromo
Along the west coast of the peninsula, a delightful pet-friendly bed and breakfast is to be found. Nostromo is ideal both for bikers and sea lovers. Before you leave, make sure to visit Dinopark; children will definitely love it.6 culture hotels in Croatia 06

Vila Muzika
This restored Mediterranean villa located between two big cedar trees used to be a residence of the Trieste sailor Richard Stefani who built it so that each of its four corners corresponds to a point of the compass. So get oriented and find your way to Vila Muzika. Respecting the space and giving the house an opportunity to express its power in a new way, each apartment is named according to the color that matches its predominant energy. Escape your daily routine, smell the sea, listen to the waves and spend some time in the lovely garden to reconnect with nature in the most enjoyable ways.6 culture hotels in Croatia 02

Villa Herak
Located in a peaceful downtown area of Pore” and surrounded by lush greenery, Villa Herak is a haven of relaxation. After visiting the UNESCO-protected Euphrasian Basilica, swimming in the clear blue waters and exploring the vibrant nightlife, restore your lost energy in this lovely hotel.6 culture hotels in Croatia 05

Lazzarini-Battiala Palace
Sveti Martin is a picturesque village in the eastern part of Istria above the river Ra’a canyon. Lazzarini-Battiala Palace, once property of the last Labin landlord, has been restored as one of the most bewitching countryside buildings, offering accommodation in six apartments, an amazing wine-cellar and an idyllic atmosphere for unforgettable moments.6 culture hotels in Croatia 01