Krk -Most Northern Island Of The Mediterranean Sea

Krk island-most beautiful place of Mediterranean Sea 03

The island Krk is a famous Croatia island which in the Adriatic Sea. It has a nice climate with a annual average temperature 4 degrees higher than elsewhere in the same geographical width. At the same time Krk island maintains the characteristics of an Adriatic island: jagged coasts rich of bays and inlets, a lot of little islands, beaches with rocks, pebbles and sand, a great cookery based on fresh fishes.Krk island-most beautiful place of Mediterranean Sea
The island life is special and unique. No matter how they are connected with the rest of the world, the islands still remain small worlds unto themselves, full of their stories and secrets. Experience the magic of the islands of the Northern Adriatic by sailing these crystal clear blue waters, some of the cleanest in Europe. Regardless of the  season,  this  journey  on which you will experience rich island culture and tradition will surely delight  you.  Krk island-most beautiful place of Mediterranean Sea 02
The life of the islanders is closely tied to the sea, farming and agriculture up till the present day. With the incredible beauty of nature, you will be particularly delighted with the unforgettable flavors both of local delicacies and marvelous wines. Treat your taste buds and round off a fascinating experience of island lifestyle.Krk island-most beautiful place of Mediterranean Sea 04