Flight Attendants Claim Their Crew Hotel is Haunted, Refuse to Fly to Chicago

Air India cabin crew are asking not to be assigned to the airline’s Chicago flights until the carrier assigns a new crew hotel.

“[F]earing for their lives” after “witnessing of paranormal activities” in their current hotel, the airline is investigating.

An official of the Air India stated that an investigation has been initiated regarding the claims.

Deputy Chief Cabin crew wrote a letter to management about ‘paranormal activity and negative energies’ reported in their Chicago cabin crew hotel. ANI accessed the complaint letter filed by the ‘spooked’ crew.

According to one complaint, a “[m]ajority of the crew are facing negative energies” because of paranormal activity at their assigned lodging. Crew choose to share rooms not wanting to be alone, and may not get enough rest.

In Austin Hyatt’s Driskill and the Omni are said to be haunted, though I imagine most crew would be happy with either property. In Chicago though stay away from the Congress Plaza Hotel.

I tend to think something like Sherwood Forest could be going on here, perhaps hotel management trying to spook cabin crew so they’re afraid to steal from the hotel’s buffet.

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