2 Pilots Suspended After Letting 10 Year Old Take Controls of a Commercial Flight

In 1994 Aeroflot flight SU593 from Moscow to Hong Kong crashed into mountains in South Siberia after the pilot’s 16 year old son accidentally disengaged autopilot control of the Airbus A310’s ailerons. That sent the plane into a near vertical dive. While the pilot leveled off the plane, he stalled the aircraft while pulling up.

And that’s why unauthorized passengers don’t sit in the cockpit during flight. Pilots aren’t supposed to let attractive passengers join them up front. Even when the passenger is a porn star. Or a Playboy Bunny.

Two Air Algérie pilots teamed up with Algerian news channel El Bilad to fulfill a 10 year old orphan’s dreams of flying a plane.

It was one thing for the boy to dress up as a pilot and play in the cockpit while on the ground (although many airlines would be uncomfortable with the child pressing buttons). It’s another thing though when, for the sake of filming, they let the 10 year old take the controls during a flight.

Here’s the news broadcast:

When the video aired the airline discovered what happened and suspended the pilots.

(HT: Paul H.)

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